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We are committed to the cultivation of vines based on complete respect for the environment, the optimisation of natural resources and a return to more traditional methods, with a full understanding of biological cycles.


We do not use any chemical synthesis products or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for pest control or in our fertiliser. We use natural ground cover as a green compost to improve soil structure for the sustainable preservation of soil fertility. This ground cover also helps us to control vine vigour.


Our aim is to produce healthy vines in perfect balance with the environment for the production of an optimum quality grape.


Our wine production is likewise in line with our organic policy, keeping resources like energy and water to a minimum. Our wines are bottled in glass with natural cork, which is 100% biodegradable.


The result is a selection of wines that offer superior quality, flavour and aroma while maintaining all of the natural properties of the grape. Our vintages are nutritionally rich and well-suited for the prevention of disease, and enhance the life of all those who have the pleasure of enjoying them.