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Gilbert & Gaillard 2017 Tasting


In April, the results of the international Gilbert & Gaillard competition regarding the wines and cavas of Catalonia were made public in Barcelona. In total, 249 wines from 104 different wineries were recognized.



Francois Gilbert, founder of the Gilbert & Gaillard magazine, made a global assessment of the results saying that "Catalonia has surprised us because of the authenticity of the land, because of the great commitment to native varieties and because each production area has been able to find its own identity, that which makes them exclusive." In fact, he insisted, "we have been able to taste several vintages during the course of the competition and we are happy because we have been able to see the evolution of the wine according to the land from which it is born."



As for the varieties, and reinforcing what the wine taster said about the native ones, he added that they have found the wines made from varieties such as Trepat, Sumoll, Picapoll and Garnacha Peluda particular interesting. "Varieties perhaps little known at an international level, but which express this authenticity of their territory which we mentioned."



Gilbert & Gaillard organizes these awards once a year together with INCAVI and evaluates the wines presented in the blind tastings. The tastings are global, where up to 12,000 wines from all the origins of the wine world being evaluated - and of these, about 700 were from Catalonia this year. One of the main novelties of the competition in 2017, is the implementation of a new service to bring the winning wine to the attention of the international market. It will be thanks to e-commerce, that from the month of June, will offer the products with medals through an online store from the publication´s website.



These prizes have three different categories: Gold + 90 points, awarded to79 wines and sparkling wines from 57 wineries; Gold awarded to 145 wines and sparkling wines from 92 wineries; and finally, Silver, awarded to 25 wines and sparkling wines from 21 wineries.



From Celler Malondro, we are happy to announce the scores:


Malondro Blanc 2015: Gold Plus

Malondro 2011: Gold

Coelum 2010: Silver

Besllum 2012: Gold



Malondro & DO Montsant in Switzerland


Celler Malondro was one of eight wineries who participated in "DO Montsant in Switzerland" in Zurich on 16th May.



WIne professionals had the oportunity to learn more about DO Montsant, the diversity of the wines, mainly made from Garnacha and Carignan that reflect the diverse soiils and microclimates within DO Montsant.



David Schwarzwälder, a well-known German journalist who specialises in Spanish wine and food gave a seminar to explain about the Montsant wine region in more detail with the opportunity to try a representative wine from each participating winery. Malondro Blanc 2015 which was awarded Gold Plus by Gilbert & Gaillard was well received. The combination of fruit, minerality and salty finish pleasantly surprised the participants. David Schwarzwälder has wide ranging experience with Spanish wines in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.



There was a Showroom before and after the seminar, where participants could try 24 wines. Nearly 70 wine professionals  including importers, distributors, specialist shops, specialist press and HORECA attended. Later on wine fans were invited to discover the wines from DO Montsant. For these reasons this event was a good opportunity for the winery and their wines to become better known in Switzerland.



Thank you to all the participants!

Montsant USA Wine Tour


Celler Malondro was one of the 13 wineries from the Montsant Appellation (DO Montsant) that participated in the “Montsant USA Wine Tour”. A total of 40 wines were available for wine professionals to try. Almost 200 wine professionals attended events in Miami (Florida) and Los Angeles (California) to discover wines from the Montsant Appellation (DO Montsant) enabled by the DO Montsant and ACCIO.


Importers, distributors, sommeliers, specialised shops, press and restaurants attended the events in these two cities.


Each event began with a seminar given by renowned Sommelier Lucas Payà, renowned for his time as Sommelier at Ferran Adria’s restaurant El Bulli and who has significant experience in the North American market. The seminar provided insights into the land, climate, native grapes and characteristics of wines from DO Montsant.


This was followed by a showroom where professionals could try the wines from the participating wineries for themselves.


The USA market is the largest export market by volume for wines from Montsant.


This was an excellent opportunity for both wineries wanting to position their wines and to expand their presence in the US Market and for wine professionals in Miami and Los Angeles to learn about and experience the wines from DO Montsant for themselves.


Thank you to everyone who attended!

Prowein 2017



Once again Celler Malondro participated in Prowein 2017, the most important international wine fair nowadays. This year it was held on 19th, 20th and 21st of March in the Trade Fair area of Messe Düsseldorf (Germany), together with 15 other wineries from the DO Montsant.



We shared the space with five other wineries which the Regulatory Council had enabled for the fourth year, in the area of Prodeca.



Prowein, is one of the most important professional meetings for the wineries of the DO Montsant, "especially as it is a trade fair in Germany, the second destination for the export of wines from DO Montsant" (according to the website of DO Montsant). Not only German citizens visited the trade fair these days, but also professionals from Holland, Denmark, Belgium and Switzerland were present, among other countries from around the world.


For more information you can visit our profile on the Prowein website:

Thanks again to everyone who attended.

See you next year

Patufet 2015 Presentation







Today we would like to officially launch "Patufet", although this wine was presented in the program "Divendres" (meaning Friday) in TV3, which we are very pleased about. "Patufet" is a new range of young, crisp wine, following the essence and profile of Celler Malondro wines.


This little-great wine, was born to capture the attention of younger people or those who are just entering into the world of wine. It is an ideal introduction to wine tasting and enjoying the wines from Montsant, characterized by their minerality and balsamic notes thanks to the influences of its environment, but this time much more dynamic, with fruit and a little oak that is very well integrated.


It is easy to pair with food and excellent to share, the history of Patufet is reflected in many aspects of this wine:


- It is young and daring, much like the protagonist Patufet.

- It shares the same origins, the countryside.

- It pairs very well with chicken rice, just like Patufet´s mother makes in the story.



We would also like to announce that the wine Patufet will be in Falset Wine Fair 2017 (from 29th April to 1st May).

Come and try it for yourself!


And as the famous song from the story says:



"Patim, patam, patum, homes i dones del cap dret,

Patim, patam, patum, no trepitgeu en Patufet.”

Commercial mission to Munich 2017



On Monday 13th February 15 wineries, brought together by the Regulatory Council of the DO Montsant presented their wines to a hundred professionals. This act was aimed at professionals of the sector: importers, distributors, Horeca, specialized stores and press, amongst others.


The act of the DO Montsant in Munich began at 2pm with a Masterclass for a selection of 30 professionals, directed by sommelier Yvonne Heistermann. Following this, the DO Montsant wineries presented their wines in a showroom open to professionals until 8pm. In the last part of the showroom the general public and VIP clients of the invited companies were able to attend.


The trade mission in Germany, which is the second country by export volume for Montsant wines, is part of the international promotion strategy of the DO. It should be kept in mind that, according to the Regulatory Council: "Exports account for about 40% of the trade of this DO. And, in the case of Germany, an average of almost 500,000 bottles per year were exported between 2012-2015."


Celler Malondro presented their wines: Coelum, Malondro, Latria and Patufet, in this commercial mission to Munich, organized with the support of the ACCIO office in Berlin.



The president of the DO Montsant, said in a statement that "it is a good opportunity for the wineries to enter into or to expand their presence in the German market, but it is also about the DO Montsant brand, a key factor to gain position in competitive markets like this ".


The next meeting with the German market will be in March 2017 at Prowein 2017. Celler Malondro will be at Prowein 2017, as part of the DO Montsant island, like last year. This is a very important event in the sector to continue working to bring about fruitful trade agreements that increase the presence and value of our wines in Germany, and also in other countries.


Thank you very much to you all for being there.

See you in March at Prowein 2017!





On Wednesday 23rd November, we travelled to Copenhagen (Denmark) with a selection of Celler Malondro wines for the Danish people to discover.



In the evening, we enjoyed a typical Danish dinner together with other wineries participating in the event organised by ACCIO (a group associated with the Government of Catalonia to support Catalan entrepreneurs via 6 offices in Catalonia and a network of 36 offices around the world).


On Thursday, Sommeliers, restaurateurs, distributors and merchants tasted our wines in an art gallery in the centre of Copenhagen - KUNSTFORENINGEN in Gammel Strand.  Everyone enjoyed our wines!



On Friday, we did a Retail Tour to meet different buyers, merchants and specialists in wine sales in Denmark.



Thank you to all the organisers and to the clients who attended the event!



Recently we received the ranking from Guia Vino ABC. This is a guide reflecting the quality of wines under 30 euros. It is produced by Juan Fernandez-Cuesta who is a critic and journalist for the ABC.


We are happy to have received the following ranking in this edition:

93 Points for Coelum 2010

92 points for Latria 2012



As you can see on the DO Montsant web “Juan Fernández-Cuesta has once again shown his admiration for the wines from Montsant. This can be seen in the reviews of the Montsant wines that appear in the 2017 Guide, which evaluates the quality of the grapes and the wine as well as the work done in the winery.”




The Festival of the Best Wines from Catalonia was held on Monday 21st November 2016 in the Foyer of the Liceu in Barcelona.


Once again Silvia Naranjo and Jordi Alcover have worked on and published the Guide for 2017, which is now in its 9th edition. As mentioned at the gala during the awarding of the prizes “The Guide is a leader in Catalonia and a commitment to proximity and helping everyone to know about Catalan wines”.


From the wine region or DO Montsant 130 wines where presented, of which 41 received 9.50 points or more out of 10. For the authors of the Guide 9.50 points and more indicate Top Wines.


The average points awarded to DO Montsant wines were 9.47 for white wines with ageing and 9.13 points for red wines with ageing.


Celler Malondro´s wines were ranked:

9.59 for Malondro Blanc 2015

9.36 for Malondro 2013

8.98 for Latria 2013

IV Experiencia Verema


The Verema Experience, was celebrated on Monday 14th November. Once again the event united distributors, sommeliers, wine fans and the press in the unique setting of Maritime Museum in Barcelona where over 100 wineries show cased their wines. Apart from the showroom there were also thematic wine tastings in Hotel España in a modernist setting on La Rambla.


During the day, from 12.00 to 21.00 continuously, people enjoyed nationally produced products including known products and new products.

At Celler Malondro we offered attendees the chance to taste two red wines:

- Malondro 2012

- Latria 2012

- and our white wine Malondro Blanc 2012.


Thank you to everyone who came to our stand and who gave yourselves the opportunity to attend this exclusive event for wine lovers.

Japanese importers and specialist press Visit


Japanese importers and specialist press have been visiting the DO Montsant wine region organised by the DO Montsant Regulatory Council.


The main objective of this visit was to increase awareness of and commercial activity for wines from Montsant in Japan, given that it is the third most important export market by volume for this DO.


During the week the DO organised different activities for this professional group: introduction to the region, guided tastings, visits to explore the DO territory, visits to VITEC (Technological Park of Wine), visits to Siurana.


On Tuesday 7th September there was a showroom in Falset where the participating wineries could present 3 of their wines to the importers and press. Celler Malondro presented: 2 red wines - Malondro 2012, Latria 2012 and 1 white wine - Malondro Blanc 2015


The formal visit ended on Thursday 8th September with a full timetable of visits by the importers and journalists to the wineries. These visits enabled them to discover more details about the projects and philosophy behind each winery and bottle of wine.


Photo: Visiting Celler Malondro's vineyards this morning.

Celler Malondro puntuat per l'International Wine Cellar

El prestigiós crític de vi Stephen Tenzer, editor i catador dels vins que puntuen a la revista International Wine Cellar, ha premiat dos vins del Celler Malondro amb les següents puntuacions:


90 punts  Celler Malondro Besllum  2011

90 punts Celler Malondro Xabec 2011


Aquesta publicació que va néixer l’any 1985 i, actualment, és coneguda internacionalment, ja que ocupa un lloc important entre les millors revistes del món del vi.


2ª Experiència Verema Barcelona

El pròxim dia 10 de novembre de 2014, el Celler Malondro està convidat a participar a la segona edició de l'Experiència Verema 2014, al Museu Marítim de Barcelona, situat a l’avinguda de les Drassanes s/n. Aquí hi tindran cita les millors bodegues i cellers del panorama nacional.


Celler Malondro presentarà la selecció dels següents vins de la seva producció:

Coelum 2012

Malondro 2012

Latria 2011


Per a tots aquells vulguin catar aquests vins i viure una experiència sensorial i gustativa del tot satisfactòria, l'horari al públic serà de 12h a 21h.

Celler Malondro present al Fòrum Gastronòmic BCN

Celler Malondro juntament amb el Consell Regulador de la Denominació d'Origen Montsant està present al Fòrum Gastronòmic BCN que està tenint lloc dels dies 20 al 23 d'octubre al Pavelló 1 de la Fira de Barcelona a l'Illa 307-312


Celler Malondro participa amb quinze cellers més en representació dels vins amb DO Montsant amb l'objectiu de promoure els seus productes entre els professionals del món del vi i la gastronomia que es donen cita en aquest esdeveniment.



Los vinos de Celler Malondro Premiados en la Guía Peñín 2015


Nos es grato comunicaros que nuestros vinos aparecen en la nueva publicación de la Guía Peñín 2015 que ha salido a la venta este mes de Octubre.

Los vinos de Celler Malondro que figuran en esta edición de la Guía Peñín son los siguientes:

El excepcional Coelum 2010 premiado con 93 puntos.

Nuestro vino estrella: Malondro 2012 con 91 puntos, siguiendo la trayectoria de su predecesor Malondro 2011 que obtuvo la misma puntuación el año pasado.

Y por último pero no menos importante el vino más popular de Celler Malondro, Latria 2011 con 88 puntos.

Preparats per la verema


Estem fent els últims preparatius per començar la verema al mes d'octubre.  Aquest any les nostres vinyes estan inigualables i ens sentim molt orgullosos de la nostra feina, sempre amb el respecte per nostre entorn.


Tenim la seguretat de que la nostra labor es veurà plenament recompensanda amb uns fruits que seran la base per poder oferir uns vins encara més excepcionals dels que us tenim acostumats.

Cicle Divendres DiVins arriba a la DO Montsant


Vi, música i projeccions a l'espectacle Vidsonor de Adrià Grandia i Silvia Isach.

El cicle Divendres DiVins tindrà lloc el proper 1 d'agost al Castell del Vi de Falset, que serà l'escenari que maridarà vins de la DO Montsant amb un espectacle que combina les possibilitats sonores d'un instrument pretèrit com es la viola de roda, amb la que Adrià Grandia explora nous camins sonors, i les suggeridores projeccions de Silvia Isach, que utilitza formats i tècniques innovadores per comunicar amb imatges.


Per més informació: